Hello everyone! My name is Aryan Dwivedi, and I am currently a sophomore at Lynbrook High School, in San Jose, California. My sister Anjali is 8 years old, and she is under the Autism Spectrum.

Throughout the years, our family has adjusted in many ways and learned some valuable lessons, all for the sake of providing a strong, loving, and supportive environment for Anjali. We have gone through many unique experiences with my sister. There are many ups and downs, road bumps, and emotional moments when dealing with the development of a child with special needs, such as Anjali.

In closing I would like to share the purpose of this blog, which is to educate the masses. This may be regarding the day to day lifestyle of a special needs individual, with my sister’s experiences as examples, as well as to share broader problems or trends facing the community of special needs individuals as a whole. To those with family members with special needs, this information may seem relatable, and those previously unaware of this topic will get to learn a lot more about this community of individuals. I hope to fulfill this vision through this platform.

Stay tuned for more!